Syllabus for metapsychics

  1. Science of the nature of psyche- subject matter, field, scope, and the ultimate principle. The doctrine applicable in uniform density.
  2. Emphasis is laid on the individual and not the external stimuli and responses. Natural causes and laws. Pathological condition and syndromes.
  3. Problems relatively occur in all spheres of life. Various aspects of looking into the problem. Solution to the problem in autonomic motive states in its various forms.
  4. Psychological study and investigation, the meta-psychics -how it is positive as the subject is nature of existence and not the inanimate nature.
  5. Life potential and ontology. Nature is the force(s) controlling the phenomena of physical world. Self-explanatory nature of the things.
  6. Reason and logic, applied science, and human resource development. Practical findings and not the experimentation.
  7. Biological, psychological, and sociocultural disciplines.
  8. Aesthetics, physical and mental health.
  9. Social welfare and social work.
  10. Aethical and generic nature.