Heredity and environment

INTRODUCTION. Heredity is the totality of characteristics transmitted from the parents to the offspring. The transmission of genetic characteristics is a function of the CHROMOSOMES and GENES (q.q.v.). The exact mechanism of hereditary transmission was not known until the discovery of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). It is now believed that the molecules […]


Metapsychics is a branch of psychology dealing with the nature of psyche, truth, and knowledge. It is, in other words, the science or specific activity of the nature of psyche. Metapsychics is the study and investigation of the normal probability, supernormal as well as abnormal phenomena devoid of the subject-matter of parapsychology. It is not […]


“The problem with making assumptions is that we believe they are the truth. You have all our love.”                                                It is the post at  named    Toltec art of life and death […]

“Who I am and why I’m here”

In 1989, my first paper was published in an international journal, Journal of community guidance and research. It was a thrilling experience. A literary novel in Hindi (Indian language) was also awarded for publication by Haryana Sahitya (literary) Academy in the same year. The novel was recommended for publication by the top writer of Hindi. […]

Mysteries of the subconscious mind

Mysteries of the subconscious mind are basic processes that occur in a human brain but manifested in the subconscious mind.The subcortical that means pertaining to nervous structures or functions below the level of cortex is subconscious. There are a great many nuclie below the level of the cortex embedded in the white matter of the […]