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HTTP://centerformetapsychics.com  Hello! How are you ? My name is Ramesh Chand Sharma. I am, at present, 68 years old. These days, I am working as a psychologist and counsellor. Previously, I was a physician (Hons. graduate in Indian system of Medicine). I have studied psychology in intermediate (XII), B. A. and M. A. In 1988 I got eight week residential training in psychological counselling from Christian Counselling Center, Vellore, Tamil Nadu (India). Counselling sessions are given free of charge by email only after i am satisfied with my probing, understanding, and support. In this way a counsel of perfection can be given through expert counselling sessions to resolve the problem, to cure disease and to make extinct the syndrome ( a pathological condition ).  A literary novel written by me was awarded for publication by Haryana Sahitya (Literature) Academy in 1989. Besides, three research papers in psychology were published in an international journal, Multidisciplinary Journal of Community Guidance and Research, Chennai,(India). You are requested to give a hint regarding your query in the comment section. You will definitely get answer and email address. I am married and have three children. Two of them are married and have kids.Simultaneously, I am doing research in natural causes and laws that explain all phenomena. Thanks.

Place : Karnal (Haryana) India.

Date : 18th July, 2018.

Sincerely yours,