Distinction-the product of intellect

Introduction. Distinction-the product of intellect, occurs in relation to conscientious aspects, mental faculties, and physical motive or involuntary activity. The word distinct is an adjective and it means easily heard, seen, or understood the things that are the concern of an individual. It is plain or clearly marked characteristics of behavior. The origìn of the distinctive behavior is accompanied with an instinctive response simultaneously in mental faculties of a human brain. Distinction is a point of difference that which makes one thing different from another and that which, seemingly, remains invisible if a human brain takes action hurriedly, why because, sometimes, it appears in the mind afterwards when the instinct is proved wrong. It is called the wit occurred at a later stage. An emotion such as anger, fear, sadness, or elation etc. occurs alongwith the instinctive response and that results in a time or fraction of a moment. In some instances, it is followed by the response as stated earlier. The duality of conflict gives way to approach-avoidance in thinking or speculation. Distinct response can be detected minutely when the instinct arises in the mental faculties. Instinct. Instinct, on the contrary, is a noun and is, according to psychologists, innate or inherited tendencies that are the motive power behind all thought and action. In other words, instinct is inborn tendency to particular behavior patterns under certain conditions in absence of learning. It is a natural tendency to behave in a certain way without reasoning or training. It is an easy mode to behave or take action in general as it is the outcome of a propensity or impulse, the tendency or motive arised due to the physical force of mental faculties- the mechanical act. Instinct and emotion. The motive power of an instinct is associated with the emotion while the distinct response byepasses both and takes into account conscientious aspects or intelligence. Instinct and emotion are contrasted with the intellect. The intelligence of an individual does not require both to influence the distinct response. It is why, the hard work of an intellect does not give rise to an easy mode of behavior.Intellectual maturity is wisdom, a high degree of good judgement in the control and management of behavior. Conscientious aspects pave the way for right and wrong approaches. It is the physical motive, mind, conscience, and intellect theory of a human brain. It is true, but as a whole, it is one unit. v. Intelligence and distinction. Distinction is the quality of being superior, excellent or distinguished that means being, or keeping things different or distinct (separate), the outcome of step-by-step procedure from childhood. Besides, intelligence is the power of seeing, learning, understanding and knowing or it is mental ability of the intellect. Intellect is the cognitive processes of thinking, relating, and judging. For a long time, myself failed to understand the origin of distinctive response in a human brain, how it occurs, or whether it is a habit or something else but was entangled mentally in the instinct, the motive power behind all thought and action, as how it becomes a distinctive response after it goes into the intellectual faculties. Would you mind if I request you to write your valuable suggestions ?

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