Proprium is the aspects of personality forming the integrated unity that constitutes the individual’s uniqueness and sense of individuality. It is to be noted that each and every individual is unique and has the potentials to blossom. Unique trait that means a personality trait found only in a single individual. It is a trait that shows a zero correlation with all other traits being measured. Trait is a relatively persistent and consistent behavior pattern manifested in a wide range of circumstances. Moreover, quality , the high degree of goodness or worth, weighs uniqueness. The individual who is having no like or equal; being the only one of its sort is unique. Now, the question arises,”How is it possible to know, not to assume and not the imiginary traits but those that are real or true, the aspects of personality that are unique ? Behavior that occurs in spontaneity of reception and response embraces all aspects of personality that is called the nature of an individual. Proprium is, seemingly, a principle as it is basic truth, a working hypothesis or a maxim for conduct. Ît is a fundamental law or uniformity of nature. Maxim that means widely accepted rule of conduct or general truth briefly expressed indicate toward the principle as it is general law of cause and effect. It does mean that a man of principles is the product of proprium. For example, principle of inertia is a fixation; a need to repeat something over and over again. Some aspects of one’s behavior are known to others but unknown to the individual. What has caused to praise or help you is to be ascertained devoid of the ķnowledge of those who praise or help you. Reliability of one’s notion depends on the data collected at least on six occasions for one aspect. It occurs due in course to the unique traits one possesses. The term, human nature, implies innate rather than acquired characteristics. Behavior is the outcome of the qualities and characteristics, physical, mental, conscientious, and intellectual which, naturally, belong to a person or thing. In most instances individuals have a common notion that it occurs due to the central motive states but it is not a whole thing as some behaviors result because of autonomic motive states in a relatively persistent and consistent mode when the individual responds spontaneously to help or come forward without thinking about the danger or consequence involved. The sense of individuality means all the characteristics that belong to an individual and that mark one out from others. It is a state of separate existence. One must specify or treat separately and in detail to respect the individuals the near and far in relations. Individualism, meaning thereby, the free action and complete liberty of belief of individuals contrasted with the theory favouring the supermacy of the establishment, and not the feeling or behavior of a person who puts one’s own private interests first as it explains, for instance, about sense of individuality. The sense of individuality that which distinguishes the individual from all other individuals possesses the unique qualities of the same ibdividual. It is the integration of an individual traits. Individual effort and initiative should take precedence over governmental or social action if these put forward the outcomes of mass welfare of people whether it is a product of autonomic motive states or the central motive states. It is the proprium that makes an individual great in subsquence of one’s strengths and not the weaknesses. It is, further, the values that occur consequent upon exceptional insight.

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