Essential elements of liberation


Liberation that means liberate the mind from prejudice or set free oneself from injury that may or does arise from some action or judgement. The essential elements of liberation are as under:

  1. Duty
  2. Meaning
  3. Work
  4. Liberation

Prejudice, meaning thereby, opinion-like or dislike, formed before one has adequate knowledge or experience, may cause injury to anyone if it is known from the source or any other person. Injury means harm, damage, or wrongful treatment as prejudice is an attitude, either positive or negative, formulated in advance of sufficient evidence and held with emotional tenacity. It is a belief or judgement, usually unfavorable, predisposing the individual to behave in a certain way or to think in a certain way toward others.

In short, here injury indicates toward harm, damage, or wrongful treatment. Action is the process of doing something, especially when dealing with a problem or difficulty. Here, judgement is a proposition stating something believed or asserted.


A duty is a commitment or expectation to perform some action in general or if certain circumstances arise. It is a popular notion about duty. It is a very vast subject and applicable to the people in all spheres of life but the duty of an individual is limited to one’s personal and professional growth. It depends on the life instinct or death instinct as how to perform one’s duty. In this context the emphasis must be laid on life instinct. One must commit to oneself to understand prejudice and its outcomes so that the individual could set free oneself from harm, damage, or wrongful treatment. Moral education helps to achieve one’s goal. Moral education includes discipline, justice, sympathy, honesty and so on. The individual oneself as well as one’s superiors expect that the person concerned would perform some action very well in general or if dealing with a problem or difficulty.


In particular, the meaning of life is at the top priority. In general, the meaning of a word is of utmost importance. One should understand the meaning of a word in accordance with the context theory of meaning prior to proceed further and to know the actual meaning of the word. Meaning itself means what in meant or intended. A word with many distinct meanings or a passage without much meaning enables an individual to ask,”What’s the meaning of this ?” If the individual fails to understand the subject or text of something properly, in that situation, it is one’s duty to get help from others.Sometimes, people talk in a language which has double, triple, or multiple meanings. It may be asked, for example, by someone who thinks he/she has been badly treated, etc. It does not include, a meaning look.


What does work mean ? Work is the use of bodily or mental powers with the purpose of doing or making something (esp contrasted with play or recreation).It is what a person does to earn a living. It is, further, something to be done, not necessarily connected with a trade or occupation, and not necessarily for payment. For instance, to liberate one from prejudice. It is, yet further, that which is produced by work. In other words, it is the product of intellect or the imagination. Prejudice somebody against or in favour of somebody or something, it may become dangerous in both the cases. One can function to make extinct the prejudicial content that causes more harm than good. Discovery of something is possible with the hard work along the lines of what is to be discovered.


“Harmful irrational beliefs are at the heart of needless human emotional turbulences including anxiety and depression. Recognize them. Clear (oneself, a person, of a change, or of suspicion) them.( Image credit:

Live a life liberated from them.”(Bill Knaus)

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