An insight into problem (A query to one`s mind)


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Insight is in problem-solving and learning situations, a sudden solution characterized by high understanding, good retention, and high transfer. It is a novel solution not based on previous experience. In psychotherapy, the illumination, or bringing to awareness, of motives, relationships, feelings, impulses etc., that had previously been poorly understood or about which the subject was totally unaware. It is, further, in the normal individual, self-understanding; awareness of one’s major motivations, desires, feelings, etc.

It is, indeed, (the ability to have) a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation. In other words, it is intuitiveness, keen perception, or clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is an exceptional insight, the supernormal phenomena.

Insight is, clinically, the individual’s understanding of his or her illness or of the motivations underlying a behavior pattern. It is, in general psychology, the sudden grasp or understanding of meaningful relationships in a situation.

Insight into different situations

Often antisocial individuals seem to have” good insight” into the requirements and weaknesses of other people and they are very adept at exploiting them. For instance, they use their charm and the confidence psychopaths inspire in others for exploitation. Excuses are readymade responses for them and they find rationalizations for their antisocial conduct as projecting the blame onto someone else.

During the 1960s an “LSD movement” was underway in America why because the general notion about the drug was that it could expand the mind. Due to that one is enabled to use talents and realize potentials those that were previously undetected. As a result of that a large number of people attempted to use LSD as means for achieving greater personal insight and many things relative to the better understanding of their place in the universe.

The reason for illumination, or bringing to awareness the things that are yet not clear in concepts, or that had previously been poorly understood, is why because knowledge of many people occur due to the desire for self-improvement through gaining new insights and help in realizing one’s potential in the absence of deep thought, the right and wrong, the good and  bad, or the positive and negative aspects relative to the necessity, the speculation and introspection in actual effect, or self-actualization.

Insight means ,”sight with the eyes of the mind.”The eyes of the mind take into account the elements of consciousness-image, sensation, and affected states. You have to be sincere to yourself and if you work in earnest, you will succeed. It is understanding ,”from in + sight and the sense shaded into “penetrating understanding into character or hidden nature.”

Insight in therapy

Insight therapy is the type of psychotherapy focusing on helping the patient achieve greater self-understanding with respect to his or her motives , values, coping patterns, and so on.

In relaxation therapy, one is to remove thoughts full of suspicion, fear, and conflicts. If it is felt that gaining insight into problem is essential there should be a strong need and urgency. It would definitely, free individuals from wasting time, money, and energy on repression and other defense mechanisms. Analytic interpretation often turn disconnected ideas, beliefs, actions, etc. of the patient into a meaningful explanation. It is, invariably, an attempt to help the patient gain insight into his or her problem and maladaptive behavior. The new insights the patient have achieved about ones problems might have been the outcomes of queries left in ones mind because of truthfulness.

Psychodynamic therapy which is based on a questionable theory of human nature and for neglecting the patient`s other things expects the individual to achieve insight and major personality change. It is also limited in its applicability.

Often female spouse can clearly see the things with one`s husband but not one’s own attitudes and behavior that contribute to the relationship. On the other side, male spouse tends to have remarkable “insight” into one’s partner’s flaws but not their own. A female spouse says,

See! There it is-loud and clear! As usual you did not let me express my feelings and opinions …”

This insight was shared with the male spouse, and the couple worked out a much more satisfactory marital relationship.


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