Essential elements of liberation

Introduction Liberation that means liberate the mind from prejudice or set free oneself from injury that may or does arise from some action or judgement. The essential elements of liberation are as under: Duty Meaning Work Liberation Prejudice, meaning thereby, opinion-like or dislike, formed before one has adequate knowledge or experience, may cause injury to […]

An insight into problem (A query to one`s mind)

Introduction Image credit: Insight is in┬áproblem-solving and learning situations, a sudden solution characterized by high understanding, good retention, and high transfer. It is a novel solution not based on previous experience. In psychotherapy, the illumination, or bringing to awareness, of motives, relationships, feelings, impulses etc., that had previously been poorly understood or about which […]

Static sense

Introduction Static sense is the sense of head orientation and body movement. The sense organs consist of hair cells in the vestibule of the inner ear and in the semicircular canals. Synonym of static sense is vestibular sense, labyrinthine sense, or sense of equilibrium. Vestibular that is pertaining to the vestibule or sensations mediated by […]