Religious resources

Introduction.Religious resources are most valuable means worth of something when compared with something else. Religious resource is, more specifically, that can be turned to for support, help, and consolation or something which helps in doing something. The word religious is adjective of religion. Religion is one of the various systems of faith and worship based on such belief. The broad definition of religion is belief in the existence of a supernatural ruling power, the creator and controller of the universe, who has given to man a spiritual nature which continues to exist after the death of the body. Besides, it is matter of conscience.Moreover, it is more trustworthy or dependable in comparison with anything else.

A thing`s existence.Nature is the whole universe and every created thing. Nature is qualities and characteristics, physical, mental, and spiritual, which naturally belong to a person or thing. It is a thing`s existence that paves the way for evolution of animal, plants, or human beings. Thing is a material object without life or consciousness that consists ultimate principle and that which remains at rest or in a state of balance (statics) may be beyond absolute zero, lowest temperature theoretically possible,=-273.15 degrees C. When molecular motion starts due to the increase in temperature, the substance undergoes an unknown stage(dynamics). Nucleolus might be the next stage. Nucleolus is a small, spherical body within the nucleus of a cell. Nucleus is central part round which other parts are grouped or round which other things collect (esp) central part of an atom , consisting of protons and neutrons. Thenceforward, gametes, zygote and then human being comes into existence. It does mean that these are the qualities and characteristics, physical, mental, and spiritual which naturally belong to a thing but in various ages and stages.

Virtual reality. Being in fact, acting as, what is described, but not accepted openly or in name as such but what is any other source ? The experiment about virtual reality is undertaken in a university in U.S.A.

The cardinal virtues. Cardinal virtues are four: prudence, fortitude, temperance, and justice. 1. Prudence is careful forethought. A prudent person is acting only after careful thought or planning. 2.Fortitude is calm courage or self-control, in the face of pain, danger, or difficulty. 3. Temperance is moderation, self-control, in speech, behavior, and (esp) in the use of alcoholic drinks. 4. Justice means just conduct, the quality of being right and fare. The law and its administration. The cardinal virtues are for the person who makes efforts to succeed in a gentleman persona and not by hook and crook or for the religious person. Besides, a person becomes habituated to certain things that are very much important for religious resources. In addition, these help in sociocultural well-being, that is, welfare: health, happiness, and prosperity.

The theological virtues. The theological virtues are three: faith, hope, and charity. Faith is trust, strong belief, or unquestioning confidence in the existence of some authority whether it is relative to natural laws and principles or the one as stated above. Hope is feeling of expectation and desire, or feeling of trust and confidence. It is a person, thing, circumstance, etc. on which hope is based. Charity is (kindness in giving) help to the poor; money, food, clothes, etc. so given. Charity is given to the society or organization for helping the poor. These virtues may give help and support from the source outside if an individual is clear in one`s mind.


Real life conditions.The truths of religion/science are same. There occur many incidents, events, or happenings in all spheres of life that are true in a sense, if the statement, etc. is taken in a particular way or that makes sense of something. The individual finds a meaning in the statement. It may be an awareness about the existence of a religious resource relative to one’s religion. It depends upon devout efforts to get relief or relieved.

Health conscious.A health conscious person becomes aware of many things if a circumstance, event, course of action, or any other thing would affect adversely one`s health or just what will be best in a situation, position, or condition. These things keep one efficient physically or mentally or both.

Hypothetico-deductive law. Hypothetico-deductive method is a scientific method in which the investigator begins with a few empirical facts and on the basis of these deduces a number of postulates or hypotheses to be proved. If the postulates are substantiated, they become scientific principles or laws.

A counsel of perfection. An individual can not be perfect in everything but there may be a talent, capability, characteristic, or trait in one’s personality that may lead toward perfection.

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