Human resource development

Capability.Prior to proceed with human resource development, it is of utmost importance that whether the individual is capable (an aptitude for hard work)

to utilize potential resources in the field, at present, one is to work one`s passage or not ? It is true that potentials blossom if opportunities are given. In contrast, opportunities are not given but taken as per the need of hour.Besides, fortitude, humility, stamina, creativity, efficacy or ability to produce a definite result and so on are other traits to be taken into consideration so that one leaves no stone upturned. Moreover, trust is must to pave the way for achievements may be the small ones.

Potentials. In addition, potentials shrink due to wounds (pain given to a person’s feelings) and hurts. Potential that means having latent ability to perform or behave in some way, particularly in a way involving talent or intelligence. Potentiality is power or quality which is potential, and needs development. Power is ability or the degree to which an individual possesses a trait. Over all to above, it is ability or authority to control others or social power.

Resources.Resource is wealth, raw materials,and supplies of goods which a person, country etc. has or can use. It is, in fact, something which helps in doing something, that can be turned to for support, help, or consolation. It is, further, skill in finding resources as stated above, in other words, quick wit. Human resource development needs awareness training, assertiveness in management, and finding resources through various mode and means of communication in actual effect, meaning thereby, reliability. Reliability is the state or quality of being reliable

means that may be relied or depended upon.

Link. Human resource development requires skills to be a link between the management and employees. Welfare of employees depends upon facilities provided by the management on one hand and the sincerity of employees towards the management on the other hand.

Respect and empathy. Respect the individual devoid of caste, creed, and colour. Empathy is power of projecting oneself into ( and so fully understanding, and losing one’s identity in) the situation or other object of contemplation.

Awareness training.Awareness training may be the practice of listening to others, environment, one’s own thoughts, and mistakes. Listening takes place, mostly, in three types. 1. Attentive listening. 2. Pretend to listen. 3.Not listening at all. Rest of the things require relaxation training and listening to the sounds in the environment, thoughts (positive or negative ) and detecting mistakes. Awareness comes when the individual recognises sounds, hidden aspects of behavior and what is to be done to correct mistakes.

Assertiveness. As how to assert oneself that means display authority or self-confidence is a tedious job to prove innocence, something to be true, make a claim to one’s rights etc. Assertiveness is having or showing positive assurance and speaking in an assertive tone.



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