Psyche is the principle of life.

Nature is the force(s) controlling the phenomena of the physical world.The phenomena of the physical world occur as per the laws and principles of nature, concerned with nature, or produced by nature. Additionally, force(s) may be relative to the facts of dynamics and statics, besides, the life energy in animal, plants, humans world. It is, matter in motion (dynamics) and balance (statics) and life energy (animal, plants, humans world) and nothing else.It is a vast definition that includes animal, plants, and human world, in addition to the heavenly bodies. But we are concerned here with the definition of psyche. Psyche that means the principle of life is the basic truth of life, general law of cause and effect relative to the life of an individual organism, and guiding rule for behaviour in all spheres of life of one. Basic truth of life is the quality or state of being true of the lowest part of anything, esp the part on which something rests or is supported. It does mean that the psyche has structural base in an individual organism. Psyche is the self of an individual that means nature of one, special qualities; one’s own personality: one`s nobler nature/base nature; oneself as one formerly was; one`s own interests or pleasure.Human nature is dynamic, of physical power and forces producing motion. On the contrary, it is also static as it remains at rest, in a state of balance. Dynamics is the branch of physics dealing with the matter in motion. It is moral force that produces activity or change. Statics, on the other side, is the branch of knowledge dealing with the bodies remaining at rest or with forces which balance one another. Static sense, especially, the sense of head orientation and body movement, is the sense organs consist of hair cells in the vestibule of the inner ear and in the semicircular canals. Static equilibrium is a system, in which, the forces are so well balanced with respect to each other that no change is taking place for instance in mindfulness or meditation.Human nature, is, further, dynamic, meaning thereby, pertaining to depth psychology or systems that stress the unconscious causation of behaviour, pertaining to systems of psychology that emphasize motives, or pertaining to change, or that which initiates change. Depth psychology is a system of psychology that assumes behavior is to be explained in terms of unconscious processes. The Freudian and Jungian systems of psychoanalysis exemplify depth psychology. Neuroscience, invariably, put forward the hypothesis that the decision taken by the individual occurs before 7 seconds in the unconscious prior to the conscious. As a matter of fact the unconscious is characterizing an activity for which the individual does not know the reason or motive for that act. It may be possible as memory lies in the unconscious. Moreover, it is not conscious in all senses. Only the involuntary activity that is called “physical motive” may be the source of information in the conscious from unconscious. Nevertheless, unconditional, that is absolute or not subject to conditions, trait also comprises human nature. Unconditioned reflex  is called instinctive response to a stimulus. In the context of dynamics, the cardinal trait (Allport) a pervasive and outstanding characteristic that influences all or nearly all of an individual`s behavior is most trustworthy as pervasive characteristic, tending to spread through every part of an individual organism is of dynamic system, a system in which the parts are interrelated in such a way that a change in one part will influence the entire system.  A dynamic system is analogous to a field of force that , if disturbed at any point, reflects that disturbance throughout. A static system,by way of contrast, does not necessarily reflect changes in all parts. In this context,dynamic-effect law ( R,B.Cattell ) is a generalization stating that when goal-directed behavior becomes disperse, attention to new stimuli and the accompanying responses will become habitual in proportion to the extent that they shorten distance to the goal. In addition the vitality, capacity to endure and perform functions, lies in physical organism of an individual. In a human brain, the medulla also contains a number of nuclei or centre, that are important in the regulation of vital functions, such as respiration and circulation. In this way, we can conclude that the force(s) in human nature play an important role in functioning of senses and brain, in addition, to the neutral motive. Human affairs, active life takes into account mind and body as a whole (one), that`s why, it inspires to explain that Self (nature) is the force(s) controlling the phenomena of an individual physical organism as per the laws and principles of nature, concerned with nature, or produced by nature.

Control, meaning thereby, power or authority to direct, order, or restrain one for human affairs or active life. It is the managing authority or provides guidance. Human nature is means of regulating, restraining, keeping in order or check as regards to standard of comparison. Conscience, the consciousness within oneself of the choice one ought to make between right and wrong, persuades one to remain truthful or honest earnestly so as to prevent one`s personality from disintegration.

Phenomenon is thing that appears to or is perceived by the senses. The phenomena of nature are remarkable or unusual person, thing, happening, etc. as the prodigious or extraordinary is called phenomenal. Phenomenon is a fact or proven event. Appearance of events, in contrast with ultimate reality,  in nature is that which occurs and is open to observation.The physical organism of an individual is everything because of the point of view of health in life. If, otherwise, it is the death instinct or in other words, the suicidal tendency.

Image Creditworthy https://Wikipedia/wiki/File:Hopetoun_falls

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