Five techniques of SMART given by psychologists

Smart means having a good, quick brain, showing ingenuity, brisk, or severe potential in one’s business, profession, or occupation. Yes, it’s true in the sense of meaning and different syllables of smart. The different syllables are explained below but first, it is one goal. The individual must delineate one goal that fulfills one’s aim and objectives or at least one’s interests in the field relative to the goal. Goal should be described vividly in words. It is justified with the qualities and characteristics one possesses. Moreover, the qualification needed to pursue the goal is necessary. There would be alternatives in case of circumstantial hurdles or your reaction about the first experience to pursue one’s goal enthusiastically. The syllables of smart indicate towards the following approaches: A goal might be S= Specific. M= Measurable. A= Achievable. R= Reasonable. T= Tangible. Specific. The goal must be specific. It should be detailed and precise relating it to one particular thing, etc., not general. One must have its clear perception in accordance with the idea or thought given to accomplish one goal. A detailed description given in a precise manner that which is exact, clearly and correctly stated, and free from error. Measurable. The goal should be measurable in time, space, and motion. Relativity, the Einstein’s theory of the universe, based on the principle that measures of space and time are relative, in the same way, exists. Find the size, extent, volume, or degree of something or somebody so that one is to come within the measurable distance of (close to) success with the plus-minus measures of time. Measures in quantity, degree, weight etc. as found by the unit, standard, or system used in stating size, quantity, or degree may be enough. Measure is that with which one is to test size, quantity etc. Measure reveals the extent of goal or goal is beyond extent. One is to set measures to one’s ambitions. Measure is a proposed law, proceeding, or stop. People took strong measures (= acted vigorously) against dangerous drivers. Achievable. Goal is set in the manners that can be achieved. The achievement of an undertaking or of one’s aims is something done successfully, with effort and skill. Achieve that means complete, accomplish, or get something done, the word, when sounds in the ears repeatedly makes the individual run to actions. Achievement, meaning thereby, that which has been attained; a specified level of success on a learning task or a certain level of proficiency in scholastic or academic work, pave the way for reward. One must complete the task in hand to reach for one’s perspective. Reasonable. Reason is a cause for any event, a motive for behaviour, or a logical, well-ordered mind. Reasonable that means having ordinary common sense, able to reason, acting or done in accordance with reason, or willing to listen to reason, goal gives rise to many things. It does mean that it should be fair, just and not absurd. It can be concluded that a reasonable goal should be moderate, neither more or less than seems right or acceptable. Reason is the power of the mind to understand, form opinions, etc. It is a sensible conduct or what is right or practicable. Tangible. If the goal is tangible, it can be perceived by touch. It is real, clear, and definite. In other words, the tangible proof, or assets e.g. of a business company, its buildings, machinery, etc. but not its goodwill or of the services of a professional that may be proved as legal are called tangible. Monetary gains are also counted in tangible goal.

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