Reasoning in health conscious [Half truth or secret of happiness]

In my case, the temporal lobe seizures had given way to the disturbances of memory including the deja vu phenomenon. This refers to the individual’s sensation of reliving an experience or a feeling of great familiarity with the environment. The temporal lobe seizure is a brief disorder of cerebral function, usually associated with a disturbance of consciousness. Sometimes, these features are associated with intense emotional or mood changes. As a matter of fact the sensation, feeling, and features (the specific types of a pathological condition) are nothing but the outcomes of illusion, delusion, and hallucinations. On reading these words these things seem simple but it is not the case. These things become manifest in conversation, behaviour and mental set unawares or unconsciously in real life conditions even up to the extent or attempt of not to reveal by the individual. Would you think- it all appears how ? People in one’s family or relations take the individual insane even in the event of individual takes oneself normal or not insane. In temporal lobe attacks consciousnesss is usually disturbed but not necessarily lost. The individual often maintains some contact with the surroundings but feels remote from them, often likening the experience to a dream-like state. People observe and occasionally the individual during this state will carry out well-coordinated and apparently purposeful motor acts , even of a violent or antisocial nature, without any memory of such activity thereafter (automatism). Temporal lobe discharges do not always give rise to such distinctive clinical features and an EEG may be required in order to reveal the temporal lobe origin of seizures. In that, hallucinations of smell though these are uncommon; hallucinations of taste, hearing,or sight also occur. In fact, I, myself was interested in human resource development, that’s why, I did not indulge in violent or antisocial activity even in the event of “excitatory and inhibitory phenomena”. The excitations or inhibitions enable one to accomplish just the opposite of one’s nature. It was the deja vu phenomenon that which affected adversely perheps due to its involvement to broad social conditions which influence the development and/or behaviour of individuals and groups. As a result of that the disruptions happened to occur in all spheres of life but I have achieved my goal. The half truth or secret of happiness lies in knowledge. Knowledge is power and the power is responsibility.What is reasoning ? Reasoning is the process of thinking, especially of logical thinking or problem solving. In other words, reason is the totality of the intellectual processes involved in thinking and problem-solving. It is a cause for any event or a motive for behaviour. It is, further, a logical, well-ordered mind- as in “a man of reason”. On the contrary, instinct is innate or inherited tendencies that are the motive power behind all thought and action. It is a natural tendency to behave in a certain way without reasoning or training. Besides, emotion is excited state of the mind or feelings. Emotional state is a complex reaction involving a high level of activation and visceral changes, and accompanied by strong feelings or affective states. Now, the question arises,”What is intellect ?” Intellect is power of the mind to reason (contrasted with feeling and instinct). I think, the concept is clear. Do you have any question regarding the above stated process and the natural tendencies ? You are welcome, if there is any query. As regards the health conscious person, in short, a person who is knowing about the process of being aware or characterizing a reaction of which the individual is aware. Health consciousness is that which is part of the perceptual conscious, that is, the portion of mind aware of the immediate environment. Innate or inherited tendencies of an individual pave the way for the certainty of action associated with the emotion. The mental and emotional processes are implicated in some way both in good health and in the majority of the physical diseases that afflict humankind. The relationship between psychological factors and good health has also been well established, that is, positive emotions seem often to produce a certain immunity to physical disease or to be associated with speedy and uncomplicated recoveries. Strong feelings or affective states leave an impact on autonomic nervous system.The autonomic motive states cause to evolve many of the complications or mental conditions. The two divisions of the autonomic nervous system are sympathetic and para-sympathetic. The sympathetic fibers arise from a chain of ganglia on either side of the spinal cord and and innervate the various bodily organs. The parasympathetic fibers arise from the medula and the sacral portion of the spinal cord and innervate all visceral organs except the adrenal glands. The sympathetic division is dominant in emergency conditions and initiates widespread and profound body changes, including acceleration in heartbeat, dilation of the bronchioles, discharge of adrenaline into the bloodstream, inhibition of digestion, and elevation in blood pressure. The parasympathetic is the system dominant in digestion, elimination, and sexual arousal. In general, the sympathetic is a catabolic system associated with emergencies; the parasympathetic, an anabolic system associated with vegetative processes. The sympathetic system is also known as the thoraciolumbar division and the parasympathetic as the cranial-sacral division, because of their anatomical origin. The autonomic reflex, a reflex involving the autonomic nervous system, the outcome (most probably) of central motive states of the central nervous system is not modifiable even by motivational factors. Affectivity that means emotionality; tendency toward emotional reactions. In other sense, generalized (whole body) emotional reaction not readily identifiable with a particular stimulus situation may account for silent…….? As affected, meaning thereby, not natural or genuine (the result of affective state or strong feeling) person can judge whether it is made on purpose or incidently. The intrusive bodily changes are a product chiefly of autonomic nervous system arousal. Internal stressors, such as, psychological conflicts could bring about the observed breakdown in certain organ systems through abberrant or excessive autonomic nervous system activity. Health psychology is emerging as the subspecialty to superspecialty within the behavioural-medicine approach that deals specifically with psychology’s contributions to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of these psychogenic physical illnesses. Reasoning in health conscious accomplish the half job and rest of the things are done by a good diet or medicines.Recovery from illness is very slow but steady and the individual gets a sigh of relief.

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