Metaphysical reality

Metaphysical reality is that what is based on abstract reasoning. It is the reality of metaphysics, the branch of philosophy dealing with the ultimate nature of existence, truth and knowledge. Ultimate nature of existence is the last, basic, or furthest nature of existence. The appearance of events, in contrast with ultimate reality,the statics of the physical universe is turned into dynamics as per ultimate principles, is enough to explain the last and basic nature of existence as the science does not take assumption in account to give a theory. It is the truth and knowledge about ultimate nature of existence also put forward that psyche is the principle of life. The ultimate cause beyond which no other cause is known or can be found tells about ultimate truths or principles. It is true that it is the motion in the universe that gives rise to evolution. Metaphysics includes ontology, the science of being or concerned with the nature of being and cosmology, the science of the nature of the universe. Both the subjects are entirely different to each other but the statement that, “Nature is force(s) controlling the phenomena of the physical world”, may reveal something in common. Abstract reasoning depends on abstract intelligence, meaning thereby, the ability to deal with abstract concepts and relationships effectively as the abstraction is the process involved indeveloping or in isolating a concept from a class of objects or events. Abstraction is concept resulting from abstracting. It is preoccupation with one’s own thoughts with consequent inattention to one’s surroundings. Abstract idea, moreover, is a generalized idea representing some aspects of a class, or group of objects apart from particular or concrete objects themselves. Abstract, over all to above, is that which has been taken out of the whole or is being considered apart from its constituent elements. It is to take out or separate a part or idea from the whole. In other words, thought of separately from facts, objects, or particular examples. For example, abstract noun is one that is the name of a quality or state. Abstract reasoning paves the way for speculative mind, thinkers, or philosophers to put forward one’s theory, or thought of school, why because, showing of real life, facts, etc., in a true way omitting nothing that is ugly or painful and idealizing nothing. Don’t lose yourself in abstractions, that is, keep a firm hold on reality as the visionary idea may engulf in the desert of fantasies. Formation of such an idea or ideas in an abstraction. It is an idea of a quality apart from its material accompaniments. Philosophy, the search for knowledge, esp the nature and meaning of existence, is a system of thought resulting from such a search for knowledge. Philosophy, as a matter of fact, is calm, quiet attitude towards life, even in the face of unhappiness, danger, difficulty, etc. Moral philosophy is the study of the principles underlying the actions and behaviour of humans. Besides, whose mind is untroubled by passions and hardships and who lets reason govern his/her life may be a person studying or teaching philosophy, or having a system of philosophy. Again the statement that nature is the force(s) controlling the phenomena of the physical world may include the earth, its countries, and people; heavenly bodies; time, state, or scene of existence; the universe; everything; the material things and occupations of life; human affairs; or active life. It is something that has real existence. Please note that one can take one’s own abstractions.

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