To be positive means constructive activity

Positive, in mathematics, is a number or symbol having a plus (+) sign; not negative, and greater than zero. To be positive means confident or strongly affirmative and not positive thinking only. It is what is “here and now” and not “there and then” which is to be done systematically. On the contrary, negative, in mathematics, is a number or symbol having a minus (-) sign characteristic of a quantity less than zero. To minus the activity or doing nothing that means rest also takes equal weight. To spend the time in building relationships; cultural activities; doing house-hold duties or trivial things; and holidays might be counted in constructive activity. “There and then” planning and not obsession is also good and if it entangles a person in pre-occupied mind it must be given up. It is pertaining to denial, negation, disputatiousness, and attitudes of hostility. It is what is “there and then” and not “here and now”. Constructive activity is, specifically, helping to construct, or giving helpful suggestions. For instance, helping to construct a factory, an aircraft, a sentence, or a theory leads towards construction. Construction is, in reality, sense, in which, words, statements, acts etc. are taken. In other words, arrangement and relationships of words in a sentence as the dictionary gives the meanings of words and also illustrates their constructions. In the same way, the constructive activity is adapted like a counsellor who makes uses of responses that consist support, probing, and understanding to the maximum at initial stages while evaluative and interpretating at later stages only to set a subgoal or goal on the part of a client or counsellee. Besides, please do not put a wrong construction on one’s action or misunderstand its purpose. Positive criticism enables one to behold the construction, meaning thereby, to say that it cannot be understood in that way. Confident, a person who trusts oneself, or others, or in what is said or reported; in belief that one is right; or in that one is able to do things in accordance with the specifications, can create many wonderful things. Affirm that it is true or affirm the truth of a statement makes a person affirmative who declares everything positively with emphasis on practical aspects.

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