Criteria for abnormality and supernormality

Constructive Energy






+50-|-Superiority Complex                      Normal Probability |

+40-|             —-do—–                                          —-do—-              |

+30-|             —-do—-                                           —–do—–            |

+20-|             —-do—-                                            —–do—–           |

+10-|             —-do—-                                            —–do—–           |

0-|      ——– Neutral Motive———                                            |

-10-|-Inferiority Complex                         Normal Probability  |

-20-|            —-do—-                                         ——–do——–          |

-30-|            —-do—-                                         ——–do——–          |

-40-|            —-do—–                                        ——–do——–          |

-50-|            —-do—-                                          ——–do——–         |


-70-|———————————————–do——————————–  |

-80-|———————————————–do——————————–  |



Destructive Energy

Figure: Showing superiority complex and inferiority complex plus Criteria for abnormality and supernormality.

In statistical distributions,descriptive of scores that are atypical or outside the normal or expected range of scores.

It is an attempt or rough estimate as the terms “abnormal”,”normal”,and “supernormal” are difficult to define precisely. Some authorities have suggested that abnormality be defined in statistical terms-that individuals who fall outside certain limits along the normal probability curve be considered abnormal. The difficulty with this definition lies in deciding where to establish limits or cut off points.

Note: Positive and negative traits are given in absolute terms. Trait is a relatively persistent and consistent behaviour pattern manifested in a wide range of circumstances. If it is unspecified or neutral trait the deviation towards negative or absolute zero causes its effect. The individual is perfect in some aspects of behaviour, thought, or action on either extreme whether it is positive or negative.


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