Natural causes and laws explain all phenomena

Natural causes and laws explain all phenomena that occur in all spheres of life. What does it mean ? Does it mean that the incident, event or happening in an individual’s life whether it is, relatively, structural or psychological in nature, in addition, to the phenomena and conditions which appear to be outside physical or natural laws all can be counted in natural causes and laws? Is it true or a myth ?


Image: Scale of Justice-Wikimedia Commons.

Now a set of questions. What is natural cause ? Natural cause is that which produces an effect in a natural way. In other words, it is a thing, event, circumstantial evidence etc, that makes something happen naturally in spontaneity of reception and response. It is,invariably, reason or purpose for which efforts are being made that which is of, concerned with or produced by nature. Here, nature is qualities and characteristics, physical, mental, conscientious, and intellectual which naturally belong to a person or thing.

Moreover, what is natural law ? Natural law is a law of nature, concerned with nature, or produced by nature. Here, again, it is only human nature with whom author is concerned. It consists the innate and acquired characteristics as well, besides, intellectual faculties. It is the outcome of natural cause. Natural law also includes a set of concepts in respect to the ethical or behavioural codes enforced by parents, relatives, some other social group or establishment.

How does it work ? It is the hind-brain of an individual, in which, perception of a thing, event,circumstantial evidence pave the way for thought processes after its occurrence as it comprises the parts of brain front and back.The individual takes into account the incident, event or happening with the aid of a counsellor whether it leads towards constructive or destructive ends. One has to take notes sincerely or honestly in an earnest manner preceded by elaboration of facts in the limelight of natural causes and laws.

Over all to above, it is of utmost importance that natural causes and laws are sufficient to be taken into consideration for justice in accordance with an individual’s conscientious aspects first followed by intellectual faculties` demands genuinely. Metapsychics is a discipline of psychology based on “Science of the nature of psyche” and it is the study and investigation of human mind. What lies in the bases of brain forces an individual remain unconscious, characterizing an activity for which one does not know the reason or motive for the act, about hidden secrets of nature may be due to reticular formation.The physical motive or unconscious activity related to the unconscious phenomena may be due to some pathological condition. Further, the root-cause of various abnormalities that gives rise to disease, disorder, or imbalances is manifested in the subconscious mind. Self-promotion tool initiates in the subconscious mind due in course to the natural mode in an autonomic way, why because, unconscious is the center of concern in mindfulness or meditation, an absolute zero.

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