Doctrine in mental health [The ultimate truth of life]


What is doctrine? Doctrine is body of teaching. Here, body is a distinct piece of matter. Body is further mass, quantity, or collection of something and teaching is that which is taught.In the event of happening something with the individual or circumstantial evidence, the experience is accumulated in the unconscious mind one after the other and another due in course to the repression, suppression, or forgetfulness. It is called unconscious material. The unconscious material manifests itself in the subconscious mind in dreams, fits, or motive states by involuntary activity in a human brain. The individual who becomes aware of the unconscious material brought into conscious activity or else and who has noted these things seriously interprets and gets solutions by insight or some other mode of analysis. In this way, one has made use of body of teaching. In other words, it is that which is taught by the mass, quantity, or collection in a human brain to oneself. Doctrine is used to characterize a theory or principle advocated by a school of psychology or a prominent theorist. Thus, Freudian doctrine refers to authoritative statements made by Freud or his followers on the assumption that present or future work will support the doctrine. It is used to characterize a principle. It does mean that character consists all those qualities that make a thing (based on some principle) what it is and different from others in a natural way; shows the character of a thing; gives character to the person concerned or marks in a special way. Thing, itself, is a course of action because of the doctrine. That’s why, doctrine is, invariably, used only in the context of a person. Character, meaning thereby, mental or moral nature; mental or moral qualities that make one person, race


etc. different from others; moral strength; or description of a person’s abilities and qualities. It is in/out of character, appropriate/inappropriate to the actions, etc. known to be in accord with a person’s character.

Now, the question arises,”What is principle ?”

Principle is basic truth, general law of cause and effect, or guiding rule for behaviour. In accordance with the context theory of meaning basic truth is quality or state of being true of the lowest part of anything, esp., the part on which something rests or is supported. Quality is,further, degree, esp., high degree, of goodness or worth; something that is special in or that distinguishes a person or thing; or (archaic) chief, notable, or on the extreme in position. Besides, goodness is virtue, strength, or essence. Henceforth, virtue is any particular kind of goodness or excellence. It is an efficacy, ability to produce a definite result. Moreover, strength is that which helps to make somebody or something strong. In the same way, essence is that which makes a thing what it is; the inner nature or most important quality of a thing. In addition, worth is value; what somebody or something is worth. In a special mode. it is quantity of something of a specified value. Overall to above, state is condition,in which,something or somebody is in circumstances, appearance, mind, health, etc. or person in every state of life, rank, dignity, etc. The condition is further something needed before something else is possible; something on which another thing depends; the present state of things;  nature, quality, character of something or somebody.

Doctrine in mental health may prove of utmost importance as an individual can get some cue and clues to find solutions of problems oneself or with the help of a psychological counsellor. The adequate supporting evidence is possible if further research is given to the subject. It may be super normal phenomenon as a supporting evidence, it is why because natural law states that rules for behaviour considered as innate and universal.

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