Self-governing person

Each and every person is unique and has potentials to blossom. Potentials shrink due in course to the pain given to a person’s feelings or hurts and these blossom if opportunities are given. One of my brothers seven years younger than me Mr. Ross had left the school after he was failed in 10th standard. The experience I gained in getting one of my friends’ pass 10th and 12th as a private candidate was motivational aspect of my thought processes.Three years later, I persuaded my brother to take examinations as a private candidate along with his younger brother who was a regular student in a high school. Mr. Ross was asked to bring my tiffin from home to my rented room in the city and get tuition for 10th in the evening. At that time, he was working on daily-wages at the regional station of Indian Agriculture Research Institute. After one month or so I had slapped him on not doing home work. Due to this reason, he did not come on next day and a message was given to me by his younger brother who had brought my tiffin that he got private tuition from a teacher by paying some money. It was a good omen as he had taken his own decision for further study.
Self-governing person is entirely different to self-centered person. It’s a tale of the person who not only succeeded beyond my expectations in study, research, and finance but set an example for others to follow. Previously, he was not a brilliant student and my opinion that he may become a regular employee of the institute after tenth and thereafter, a substantiated technician if he becomes a graduate. At that time, he was twenty years old and a bachelor who will be eligible for marriage as we had no land for agriculture in the village.My father was also a supervisor of farm workers in the same institute.

He had taken the examinations for tenth class and passed in a single attempt. In those days, there was the facility to get admission in the evening classes in a local college. That’s why, he joined the evening classes for pre-university or 11th standard in that college as he was working regularly in I.A.R.I. hereinafter, he passed in prep and B.A.I, II, and III year examinations respectively in forthcoming years in continuity. For masters in economics, he joined a local coaching center and in next two years he was a post-graduate. It is not enough, he was selected for doctoral degree in the Pusa institute,New Delhi, the headquarters of Indian Agriculture Research Institute in agricultural economics. By this time, he was a regular employee of the institute on salary basis and a technician. He was transferred to the headquarters from regional station and on salary or scholarship, I am not sure but he received one of the two and, fortunately, he became a Ph.D. Thenceforward, he made two or three attempts to become S-one (Scientist-1) of Indian Council of Agriculture Research, under which Indian Agriculture Research Institute functions but, unfortunately, failed to clear Viva Voce.

It is not an end of the story, he earned money from property and rent to buy a car. It is an advantage of the subject economics, the individual learns how to earn money and accumulate. It gives a kind of satisfaction in the same way of eating four pieces of bread one after the other and the ratio of hunger lessened with each piece. He had informed me some time back that he bought a flat in a posh colony in New Delhi. Now, he has some other property too. Sometimes, a thought comes in mind, “Had he not been able to pass matriculation examination as a private candidate, what kind of his socio-economic status might have been at present.” Is it destiny or something else ? It may be possible that everything is delineated with the effort or time.

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