Neutrality is a state of being neutral. It is of the position, in which, no power is transmitted. Neutral motive state of the mind occurs when a person is neither for nor against something in an experiment, collection of data, working on the hypotheses, or practicing mindfulness, besides, thinking about a problem. It is characterizing the motive state coming between in time, space, degree, etc. that means between extremes of a variable, such as, an absolute zero, which is intermediate between plus one and minus one as shown on a graph. In other words, the positive, neutral, and negative motive states in a situation, condition, or position. It can be explained by neutral stimulus. Neutral stimulus is a stimulus that produces an indifferent response, a stimulus that does not ordinarily elicit the response it is made to elicit after conditioning, when it has become a conditioned stimulus. The bell in Pavlov’s famous experiment was a neutral stimulus until after conditioning, whereupon it became effective in eliciting the salivary response. The phenomenon results just like a gear mechanism from neutral to the plus one or minus one after learning or conditioning.
In fact, neutral motive is that having no definite characteristics- not clearly one or another. The indefinite characteristics are vague – not clearly defined or stated. He has rather indefinite views on the question. He gave me an indefinite answer, neither ‘yes’ nor ‘no’. These are examples of neutral motive state. Neutrality is needed in the field scientific discipline. In its verb form, neutralize a poison or take away the effect or special quality of, by means of something with an opposite effect or quality. Make neutral, declare by agreement that a (place) shall be treated as neutral in war-exempt or exclude from hostilities.

The ultimate nature of mind, in prenatal stage, is an absolute zero. It is the stage, in that, the onset of “pain-pleasure principle” may begin. Absolute zero is not relative; not dependent on, or measured by other things. It may be true as entity is something that has real existence; a thing’s existence ( contrasted with its qualities, relations, etc.).  The state of being indifferent, in which, absence of interest or feeling may lead to apathy, depression, or melancholia. Overall to above, it is unconditional and unqualified.

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