Transactional analysis (Relationship techniques)

It is a version of interpersonal therapy. Eric Berne states that our personalities are composed of three “ego states”-Child, Adult, and Parent. Our Parent is that part of our personality we have incorporated from our own parents or from other parental models whom we have inadvertently learned to try to do as well as or […]


Nightmare is an anxiety dream, a dream depicting fearsome events. It does mean that the mind is showing in the form of a picture the specific types of a syndrome that which is described in words. The view that it occurs in the process of brain throwing outside undesired things is not perfect as it […]

Proprium versus denial

“Proprium is the aspects of personality forming the integrated unity that constitutes the individual’s uniqueness and sense of individuality.”  —-Allport—-            Proprium is, further, the body senses; the awareness on the part of the individual of one’s identity, continuity, striving, and image. In other words, proprium is the self or ego of an individual. It does […]