The phenomenon of supernormality


Phenomenon, thing that appears to or is perceived by the senses, is remarkable or unusual person, thing, happening etc. It is the appearance of events, in contrast with ultimate reality. The phenomenon of supernormality occurs significantly beyond the normal range yet within the scope of natural law.It is pertaining to extremely high intellectual ability, in addition to other beings. Natural law, in case of human beings, the rules for behaviour considered as innate and universal, is the law of, concerned with, or produced by nature.It is true as psyche is the principle of life and death as well. Here, principle that means basic truth, general law of cause and effect or guiding rule for behaviour, includes moral principles and principles of conduct.                         Now, the question arises,” Whether the phenomenon of supernormality occurs due in course to the hereditary traits or genetic factors ?” It may be true but research outcomes are needed to prove the notion as mentioned above. On the other side, the query that if any person who is interested in knowing that the phenomenon of supernormality can be evolved devoid of these traits or factors, in that situation, the answer lies in the context theory of meaning. Phenomenon, meaning thereby, any datum- a fact- or proven event , requires basics and advanced approaches. Datum, a fact or value that which is sensed or perceived is the singular of data. It is counted in the basics and data in the advanced approach. Ethos, the character of a national or radical group, in other words, code of values by which a group or society lives form the base for the phenomenon of supernormality. The experimental or empirical study of character; the study of behaviour from a comparative point of view; the study of customs, folkways, mores; and particularly the comparative study of ethics among different racial and national groups are the parts of basics.                                                               Data of positive traits in all spheres of life if exceed, practically, beyond fifty percent ( indicated by + signs) only then the phenomenon of supernormality initiates. On the contrary, if the data of negative traits in all spheres of life receded below fifty percent ( indicated by_ signs ) voluntarily, it is the phenomenon of abnormality that has reached the alarming level. Both of these phenomena take into account the physical motive, mind, conscience, and intellect. Self-control is needed to achieve normal probability and a calm,quiet and tranquil state of mind, if the phenomenon of abnornality ceases to occur. These things pave the way for the phenomenon of supernormality.

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