Metapsychics is a branch of psychology dealing with the nature of psyche, truth, and knowledge. It is, in other words, the science or specific activity of the nature of psyche. Metapsychics is the study and investigation of the normal probability, supernormal as well as abnormal phenomena devoid of the subject-matter of parapsychology. It is not a synonym to parapsychology. (Psychoan.) It is a point of view that treats mental processes in terms of their dynamic, topographical, and economic significance for the individual. In metapsychics, a systematic attempt to formulate broad, comprehensive laws as these exist in nature and that will embrace the total field of specific activities of the nature of psyche is yet to be made by future investigations. Metapsychics takes into account the objective facts relative to antecedent conditions, positions, or situations.Moreover, cause-effect-relationship paves the way for laws of association to be detected and remedies of metapsychics to be prescribed.If otherwise, learning and conditioning occur in spontaneity of reception and response, the speciality of metapsychics.

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