Abnormality in human nature

Quality of being abnormal is not an essential part of human nature as the organic brain syndromes, in that, the functioning of the brain is impaired either by a physical lesion ( trauma, tumor, or infection) or by a toxic or degenerative process and functional psychoses are the major psychiatric illnesses occurring without brain disease or impairment.The same reasons are with the diseases of the nervous system. It is postulated that a neurophysiological or neurochemical etiology will be found, resulting from the operation of complex causes. The two most common forms are major depressive illness, in which, the principal symptom is a profound disturbance of the person’s mood, and the schizophrenias, in which, persons’ thoughts become bizarre and disorganized, so that they lose contact with fellows and surroundings. Abnormal, meaning thereby, away from normal is the term, often, carries a strong connotation of undesirability or pathology. Abnormality in human nature is the outcome of recessive traits; regressive conditions; opposite, negative, or unnatural characteristics. Unlike dominant traits, recessive traits are manifest only in the homozygous state, that  is, in those individuals who possess a double dose of the mutant gene. Heterozygotes who possess only one mutant gene are usually perfectly healthy. Recessive trait, pertaining to a gene that does not show its effects in the presence of a dominant gene, is the quality of holding back or not expressing the self.                                                            Regressive condition, the present state of things: nature, quality, character of somebody but in the mirror of past deeds, is a neurosis characterized by primitivization of behaviour , or returning to behaviour patterns more appropriate for an earlier age. Abnormality in human nature results if an individual leads a bad life or carries out evil and wicked pursuits in the lime-light of a set of concepts. It occurs in consequence of inferior, worthless, or poor quality. It is not only because life has rules as well as opposite of the rules but it takes into account the things that are that and nothing else. Everything negative all the time is social pathology and social medicine for that lies in positivity.Life is constructive as well as destructive but take one at a time. Abnormal brain produces peptide chemicals that keep an individual’s brain in a persistent state of abnormality. The peptide chemicals cause to evolve an intoxicated state that excite greatly beyond self-control and hence abnormality in human nature remains in continuity. The vicissitudinary vicious circle is hardly broken by ordinary mode and means.

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