Behavior therapy

Behavior therapy is curative treatment directed toward the cure of a pathological condition by behavior modification techniques. Therefore, behavior therapy is the systematic application of learning principles and techniques to the treatment of behavior disorders. Bwhavior disorder or abnormal behavior, according to behavior therapists, is learned way of behaving that is maladaptive and consequently can […]


In psychology, the doctrine that all human actions could, if full knowledge were available, be analyzed into stimulus and response. Stimulus is something that stimulates, meaning thereby, that excites, rouses, or quickens thought or feeling. Behaviorism, a theoretical point of view that holds that the subject matter of psychology is behavior without reference to consciousness […]

The phenomenon of supernormality

Phenomenon, thing that appears to or is perceived by the senses, is remarkable or unusual person, thing, happening etc. It is the appearance of events, in contrast with ultimate reality. The phenomenon of supernormality occurs significantly beyond the normal range yet within the scope of natural law.It is pertaining to extremely high intellectual ability, in […]


Metapsychics is a branch of psychology dealing with the nature of psyche, truth, and knowledge. It is, in other words, the science or specific activity of the nature of psyche. Metapsychics is the study and investigation of the normal probability, supernormal as well as abnormal phenomena devoid of the subject-matter of parapsychology. It is not […]

Abnormality in human nature

Quality of being abnormal is not an essential part of human nature as the organic brain syndromes, in that, the functioning of the brain is impaired either by a physical lesion ( trauma, tumor, or infection) or by a toxic or degenerative process and functional psychoses are the major psychiatric illnesses occurring without brain disease […]