Criterion of normalcy

Criterion is standard of judgement or principle by which something is measured for value. Besides, normalcy is, specifically, the state of being in agreement with what is representative, usual, or regular in day-to-day activities in the life of an individual. The problem with the criterion of normalcy is that the scores for supernormality and abnormality […]

Superconscious mind (Higher brain centers)

The brain centers of the cerebral cortex concerned with the more complex processes, such as, memory, imagination, intelligence, and learning are called higher brain centers. It is the superconscious mind.Brain center is any interconnected group of neurons in the brain that perform a specific function. The outer half-inch surface layer of the cerebrum known as […]


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Anxiety neurosis

Anxiety is an emotional condition, in which, there is fear and uncertainty about the future.It is a chronic fear of mild degree, strong or overwhelming fear. Anxiety, in that, feeling of mingled dread and apprehension about the future without specific cause for the fear, is a secondary drive involving an acquired avoidance response.             Anxiety neurosis […]