Saga of my one month long practicals of experimental psychology and classes in all subjects is interesting for others but it was a trying circumstance for me. I was a correspondence course student for M. A. Psychology in a university’s personal contact programme in Tamil Nadu from Haryana that means in South India from North India.Here, everything was different to which I  was accustomed to whether it was language or food.English ( U.K.) was the medium of instructions for lectures and practicals and it was even for interaction with my fellow students. I was not well fluent in English.Besides,the food rice all the time and curries prepared in coconut oil was a big problem for me.Due in course to the meal, environment, and climate myself remained ill for the entire period. Communicàtion problem was yet a bigger problem than food. My mother tongue Hindi (the main language of India) was not studied, read, or spoken in that area.Sometimes, I even failed to the extent of expressing my real motive or giving some instances related to the queries. Some students used to make fun at me from distance.There style,tone, and voices used to be irritative for  me but I never made a quarrel with the local fellow students. A lady from Bangalore Mrs.Sultana could understand my plight and begin to speak in Hindi.Overall to above, the pronunciation of English of the teachers was also different and myself would ask again and again to get the meaning.Some of them were very cooperative  and a few were of researved type nature. Throughout the entire period the saga of a stranger was the subject of discussion.When, I returned to home and narrated my tale of woe, I was praised for my patience.

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