“The problem with making assumptions is that we believe they are the truth. You have all our love.”                                                It is the post at  named    Toltec art of life and death cont.  I made a comment,” Yes,it is true that the assumptions are taken as truth but if it is with the seventy percent people, in that situation, what is your comment ?” After some time I got the response as mentioned below:         “My comment is that percentages don’t define people but simply statistiçal anaĺysis carried out on a small group assumed to be representative of many. Many make assumptions on biases, misinformation, and ignorance. Some assume out of habit which is why we need to live life with great care and understanding of each and every situation.Live life more impeccably.”                                            Comment is right and the conclusions are for those people taken as assumptions.The statement is generalization of people’attitude.

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