Hind-sight (Problem-solving by apperception)

Hind-sight is the perception of an event after its occurrence. In general, it is understood that hind-sight is only a thought that occurs subsequent to an event. In fact, it is of things in pairs, front and back that means hind-sight takes into account things of front brain and the brain at the back. It is not only a thought but it (perception) is a process of the mind by which one becomes aware of changes through the senses of sight, hearing, etc. in interaction, attitude, or behaviour, in addition to, the nonverbal communication. Moreover, apperception is clear perception into the recognition of relationships between the presented objects and the apperceptive mass or existing body of knowledge. In the lime-light of hind-sight, problem-solving by apperception is the outcome of steps mentioned below:                       1.Problem-solving: Take a problem one by one. Problem is any situation, in which, there is a novel or unknown characteristic to be ascertained. Problem-solving is the process involved in discovering the correct sequence of alternatives leading to a goal or to an ideational solution.                    2.Intellectual faculties: General things come in the mind of an individual while particualar in the intellectual faculties, such as, related to talent, special training, artistic pursuits, and so on. Instead of depending upon common elements, the intellectualization of problem-solving paves the way for novel solutions as crisis management involves thinking.                                  3. Most effective tools and techniques: Thinking enables one search the most effective point of argument, cues, and clues, besides, the modes, in that, the spontaneity of reception and response gives rise to solutions.

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