“Who I am and why I’m here”

In 1989, my first paper was published in an international journal, Journal of community guidance and research. It was a thrilling experience. A literary novel in Hindi (Indian language) was also awarded for publication by Haryana Sahitya (literary) Academy in the same year. The novel was recommended for publication by the top writer of Hindi. Towards the end of the year, an incident proved to be the turning-point in my life. Thereinafter, two more research papers were published in the same journal in 1994. As a result of some unavoidable circumstances in my life I could neither become a Hindi writer and nor the renowned psychologist. Twenty two years were elapsed in useless pursuits of parapsychology, the field of psychology that investigates all psychological phenomena that apparently cannot be explained in terms of natural scientific laws or principles. Metapsychics is the study of supernormal phenomena and various disciplines of psychology minus parapsychology.That’s why, I’m here.

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