Mysteries of the subconscious mind

Mysteries of the subconscious mind are basic processes that occur in a human brain but manifested in the subconscious mind.The subcortical that means pertaining to nervous structures or functions below the level of cortex is subconscious. There are a great many nuclie below the level of the cortex embedded in the white matter of the cerebrum and associated structures. Many of these are capable of mediating functions not directly controlled by the cortex. Subconscious mind is descriptive of processes of which the individual is not aware but that can be brought to consciousness. Many memories would fall into this class. It is pertaining to what is in the margin of attention or pertaining to that of which one is only dimly aware. Subconscious mind is a transition zone through which any kind of material must pass on its way from the unconscious to consciousness. It is also called preconscious that which is not in consciousness but can be recalled without special techniques. Mysteries of the subconscious mind lie in conditions of being secret or obscure. As a matter of fact, mystery is something of which the cause or origin is hidden; impossible to understand; vague; or not clear to ordinary minds. Condition is, invariably, the present state of things: nature, quality, character of something or somebody. If an individual is capable to do research the cause or origin may not remain hidden; impossible; vague; or unclear.              One of the basic processes is reflex. It is a simple stimulus-response sequence, that is, unlearned, common to all members of a species, and relatively unmodifiable by motivational factors. It is a simple mechanical act that appears not to involve volition or choice. Reflex is a thoughtless act , in which, one is to bend oneself. Moreover, reaction, the basic process,  is a retrograde tendency, responsive feeling, or reactionary force. It is an action or state resulting from or in response to something. It is a return to an earlier condition after a period of the opposite condition. Reaction formation, in addition, is the development of a personality trait that is the opposite of the original, unconscious, or repressed trait. It seems the radical and reactionary forces, the dynamics, take over the control. Dynamics, the physical power and forces producing motion, activity or change, is the moral force of an individual.                                                  Overall to above, it is consciousness, the totality of experience at any given moment, as opposed to mind, which is the sum of past consciousness ( in the framework of mind, conscience and intellect ) that causes awareness of acts, activities and reactions,  besides, the laws of association. Aristotle postulated the laws of contiguity, similarity, and contrast. The laws of contiguity, which states that of two experiences that occur close together in time, the subsequent occurrence of one will tend to elicit the other, proved to be the most fundamental of the laws and plays a role in verbal learning and conditioning.Knowledge of real truth or true self may be obtained through laws of association independently of the mind and the senses.

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