The ultimate nature of mind

The ultimate nature of mind, meaning thereby, is the last, basic, or furthest nature of mind. Moreover, nature is the qualities and characteristics, physical, mental, and conscientious which, naturally, belong to a person or thing. In this way, it is the ultimate truth or principle as the ultimate cause, beyond which no other cause is known or can be found, that is the ultimate nature of mind. Truth is quality or state of being true. Quality is, further, degree of goodness or worth. It is something that is special in or that distinguishes a person or thing. Goodness is virtue that means efficacy; ability to produce a definite result. In addition, worth is quantity of something of a specified value.                                           Now, the question arises, “What is the difference between quality and quantity ?” It is true that quality is the relative level of goodness or excellence of anything but it implies a difference in kind and not in degree. For instance, quality is a basic aspect of a sensation by means of which it is distinguished from all other sensations. On the other side, quantity is the characteristic of a phenomenon that permits it to be measured or counted. Quantity results in variations in degree rather than in kind. Besides, principle is the basic truth; general law of cause and effect; or guiding rule for behaviour. Basic truth is the quality or state of the lowest part of anything, especially, the part on which something rests or is supported. Psyche is, invariably, 1. the principle of life, 2. the mind, including both conscious and unconscious processes, or 3. the self. The ultimate nature of mind is, thus,  the physical qualities and characteristics of the bases in lower structural brain, in that, the general law of cause and effect , or  guiding rule for behaviour lies. Life energy and consciousness are two separate qualities or characteristics of a human brain.

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