There is a focal-point in a human brain called the point of the focus of attention. It is a point to centre one’s attention on a stimulus. Due to the stimulus, the opinions are caused to come towards each other and meet at a point, the focal-point. It is the point at which interests, tendencies etc. meet whether these are positive or negative. It is of utmost importance for an individual. The positive or negative effects on focal-point due in course to the image, sensation, or affective states and associated thought processes cause interests, tendencies, etc. meet or not to meet as the attention is arrested by stimuli. The focus of attention if it is the clearest or most vivid portion of an experience can do wonders or play havoc in one’s life, not only because it is crucial to one’s action, reaction, or reflection,but rules over facts. Neutrality or neutral motive state is a state, in that, an individual is neither for nor against, meaning thereby, not positive or negative. The focus of attention is also called span of attention or span of apprehension. Span of attention, in popular terminology, is the duration of an individual’s attention to a single object or event. Span of apprehension is act of becoming aware of something of distance or length in time, from beginning to end. Focal-point may be

the smallest part of anything, for instance, if a person focuses both the visions on an ion of light with closed eyes inside for meditation, mindfulness, and self-hypnosis or concentrates upon a point made by pencil on a white paper; the ion of sand, or a distant star at night in the sky with open eyes outside.The point of the focus of attention, in fact, is in between both the eye-brows upon forehead if both the eyes are closed. One can concentrate upon the tip of one`s nose with both the visions.If a person, more specifically, focuses one’s attention, thoughts, or efforts on a problem to get solution, one succeeds in one’s endeavour definitely. It occurs due to the insight, idea, or image that is the outcome of reflex or reaction, an involuntary activity of the brain based on cause-effect relationship. It is true that  everything that occurs is not devoid of reason.Reasoning is carried out  when an individual focuses one`s attention on a point.`

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