Life beyond relaxation

Life beyond relaxation is an experience that enriches the mind with knowledge of certain things never happened before or with hard earned states. It occurs not only because relaxation of muscles is a recreation, refreshment of body and mind, but it causes or allows becoming less tight; stiff; strict; rigid; or tense. It is a […]

The ultimate nature of mind

The ultimate nature of mind, meaning thereby, is the last, basic, or furthest nature of mind. Moreover, nature is the qualities and characteristics, physical, mental, and conscientious which, naturally, belong to a person or thing. In this way, it is the ultimate truth or principle as the ultimate cause, beyond which no other cause is […]


There is a focal-point in a human brain called the point of the focus of attention. It is a point to centre one’s attention on a stimulus. Due to the stimulus, the opinions are caused to come towards each other and meet at a point, the focal-point. It is the point at which interests, tendencies […]