Personality development

Personality is a state of being a person,in that, one is in circumstances; appearance; mind; health etc. It is the sum total of psychophysical traits that make up a person’s character.According to Allport,”Personality is the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine one’s characteristic behaviour and thought.”In Murray’s words,”It is the continuity of functional forms and forces manifested through sequences of organized regnant processes and overt behaviours from birth to death.”A person grows in ages and stages.Development is the changes in the shape and integration of bodily parts into functional parts.It is growth, maturation, or the appearance of fundamental patterns of unlearned behaviour. Developmental stage is a period in the life of the individual,in which,specific traits or behaviour patterns appear.Personality development is, thus, the development of various stages,the principles or laws of maturation, and the effects of early experience and later practice on development.Infancy, childhood, teenage, adolescence, maturity, adulthood, elderhood, and old age are the stages for instance.Besides, instinctive and distinctive responses play a vital part in personality development.Instinct is a natural tendency to behave in a certain way without reasoning and training.Now, the question arises,”The certainty of action is delineated by what matter ?” Instinct us an innate or inherited tendencies that are the motive power behind all thought and action.On the other side, distinctive response, serving to mark a difference or make distinct,is the point of difference,that which makes one thing different from another. It is the quality of being superior, excellent or distinguished based on easily heard,seen,understood,plain or clearly marked stimulus condition. Moreover, mindful of,giving thought and attention to two opposite, conflicting, or contrasting positions, makes one aware of one’s duties or obligations. Mindfulness also explores the absolute zero state of mind. In addition, self-actualization, the subjective approaches of introspection and speculation, helps to detect one’s setbacks, drawbacks, or shortcomings.Overall to above, personality development takes into account turning-point towards integrity or developmental crisis.

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