The unconscious mind

It is not conscious in all senses but there occurs an activity, the perception of an event after its occurrence, in the unconscious mind includes the parts of brain front and back. (Psychoan.) the unconscious is that part of one’s mental activity of which one is unaware, but which can be detected and understood through the skilled analysis of dreams, behaviour etc. It is, further, characterizing an activity for which the individual does not know the reason or motive for the act.The unconscious, meaning thereby, pertaining to the state of one who has suffered a loss of consciousness,such as, a person in a faint or coma. It is also pertaining to all psychic processes that cannot be brought to awareness by ordinary means.(Psychoan.) It is the region of the mind that is the seat of the Id and of repressions.Unconscious cerebration, thinking that occurs without awareness; Unconscious inference, a judgement that is not verbalized but is acted upon without awareness; unconscious memory, repressions, memory that have been forced out 9f the conscious level of mind into the unconscious; and the unconscious motivation, the motivation of which the individual is unaware are the other activities of the unconscious mind. Moreover, the physical motive, an involuntary activity, is manifested in the subconscious mind.

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