The unconscious mind

It is not conscious in all senses but there occurs an activity, the perception of an event after its occurrence, in the unconscious mind includes the parts of brain front and back. (Psychoan.) the unconscious is that part of one’s mental activity of which one is unaware, but which can be detected and understood through […]

Obsessive-compulsive neurosis

An obsession is a persistent preoccupation with something, typically an idea or a feeling. It is a state of being obsessed with recurrent,persistent ideas,thoughts,images or impulses emerge from the unconscious mind.Forced preoccupation with thoughts about a particular topic,associated with brooding,doubting,and inconclusive speculation that occur involuntarily.It comprises an elaborate series of mental acts and the subject […]

Adjustive demands and stress

Life would be simple indeed if one’s needs were automatically gratified. Many obstacles, both personal and environmental, prevent this. Such obstacles place adjustive demands on the individual and can lead to the experience of stress. The term stress has typically been used to refer both to the adjustive demands placed on an individual and to […]