Psychology, Definition,meaning,and field.

Psychology is the study of mind and beaviour.The term ‘psychology’ has its inception in the Latin,that means, psyche is the mind or mentality, besides, spirit or soul.Moreover, logus is cognition,knowledge or field of study.In other words, it is logus upon psyche as when a person comes in this world at birth all the mental faculties comprise qualities and characteristics in structural base but mind is devoid of any language, the white paper.An infant’s mind functions in nonverbal communications for one and half years (approax.),thereafter, learning of language and spoken words are the advanced stage. Overall to above, several things, such as, relation, customs, codes of conduct plus ethics or ethos, norms and discipline, begin to occur in one’s mind as knowledge. Besides, education, training, or skilled work becomes a milestone for one’s life. Social group; community; society; nation; or nature comes in later life.                                                           As a matter of fact, ‘logus upon psyche’ is of two types: 1.psychosocial phase of personality development, and 2.sociopsyche phase of personality development. In first instance,it is the individual whose adaptation occurs as per one’s option but in second case it occurs as per one’s parents,family and friend in maximum.                                               Psychology has more than 140 branches,say, educational psychology;experimental psychology; industrial psychology, etc. Science of the nature of psyche is new, which is, entirely different to parapsychology and studies normal probability, abnormal aa well as supernormal phenomena.It’s O.K.

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