Counselling psychology

Counselling psychology takes into account various method, skill, and techniques, besides,the body language.In short, these are mentioned below:  Open posture, legs are not crossed while sitting on a chair facing the counsellee or client.Attentive listening and not pretending to listen or not listening at all (absent mindedness).Thereafter, it is responding to the content in five types of responses: 1.Evaluative 2.Interpretative  ( both the responses less) 3.Support 4.Probing 5.Understanding ( these three to the maximum ).For example: 1. You are fool. 2. Busy with mobile all the time is the reason of getting low score in class.3. O.K.I will help you financely, 4. What is mode of giving back the money or what is your source of income (WH family questions)? 5.You told me that you are working on daily wages and the money will be returned in instalments.Moreover, three stage counselling requires respect, empathy, and concreteness in first stage.Immediacy and advanced accurate empathy in second stage.Mode, means,and goal-setting in third stage. Follow and feedback both are necessary to succeed in your genuine approach.In different sittings or sessions counselling is done with interest and dedication.It’s O.K. in the initial stages and enough to adapt.Rest of the things depend upon query.

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