Counselling psychology

Counselling psychology takes into account various method, skill, and techniques, besides,the body language.In short, these are mentioned below: ¬†Open posture, legs are not crossed while sitting on a chair facing the counsellee or client.Attentive listening and not pretending to listen or not listening at all (absent mindedness).Thereafter, it is responding to the content in five […]

Psychology, Definition,meaning,and field.

Psychology is the study of mind and beaviour.The term ‘psychology’ has its inception in the Latin,that means, psyche is the mind or mentality, besides, spirit or soul.Moreover, logus is cognition,knowledge or field of study.In other words, it is logus upon psyche as when a person comes in this world at birth all the mental faculties […]


Narcissism is a self-love, exaggerated concern with the self.( Psychoan.) An early stage in human development characterized by extreme concern for the self and lack of concern for others. Narcissism may persist into adulthood as a fixation. It may happen to result in an adult without any previous history as fixation enforced upon the individual […]